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Features Advanced Basic Plus Basic Starter High Volume or Custom needs

SMS credits/month*

20,000 10,000 5,000 1,500

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2-way SMS**

Masking with brand name

yes yes yes yes

SMS from the web

yes yes yes yes

Create lists of subscribers for easy management

yes yes yes no

Free upgrades of new
add-ons as they’re added

yes yes yes no

Use API for integration into your website or app

yes yes yes yes

Price per month
(including account charges***)

Rs. 12,500 Rs. 6,500 Rs. 3,500 Rs. 1,500
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How are credits charged?

All networks, per 160 character SMS: 1 credit per sms

Rates updated on March, 2015 - Sales tax and service charges applicable in addition to above given prices

*SMS Credits would have to be purchased after usage or expiry and charged for separately
**2-way SMS capable only with additional short-code purchase, contact for pricing
Subscriber list is only maintained till the package is kept active

What are sms credits?
Each sms has a cost associated with it. Since some providers charge more for a masked sms to be sent to their users, we charge on a credit basis instead of charging in rupees. Validity for credits is 1 month. Unused credits cannot be rolled over to the next month.

2-way SMS? What's that and why is it better?
The usual SMS marketing providers you find nowadays provide 1-ways sms services. In those services, you'd have to upload a list of all your customers and then send out texts to them all. This could lead to spam issues in case certain users don't want to receive unsolicited sms and would reflect badly on your business. In textualy's 2-way SMS, your customers are able to choose themselves to subscribe to your custom tag and receive your coupons, and news and updates. This saves you the hassle of creating a list since your list grows as you market your keyword, and each of the subscriber is truly interested in receiving deals and updates instead of being forced to receive them.

What does "Masking with brand name" mean?
To provide you and your customers a totaly branded feel, each text is received by your customer with your business's tag name in the FROM field. This gives a sense of loyalty to your brand to your customers, and come on, kinda looks nice as well! ; )

Will you or other Textualy business users be texting my customers?
Short answer, NO! When a user subscribes to your tag, theyre added to your list only. Untill and unless they do not subscribe to other tags on the textualy system, they will receive texts only from your business! Textualy only texts users when for updates on new features or urgent notices if required.

Instant delivery
We don't rely on in-house consumer-quality equipment for sending texts to your customers. The textualy system uses direct connectivity to telcos to ensure the best possible delivery of your texts in a timely manner! With the same hardware that your telcos use to power your mobile network powering Textualy, the reliability factor increases many times over!