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Register your tag
  • Choose a tag name that represents your business, e.g. COFFEETIME for a coffee shop.

  • Your members can join your tag by texting your keyword to 0323-txtualy (our SMS "longcode").

  • Your tag name identifies your business similar to how a domain name identifies your web site.
Promote it!
  • Tell friends & customers to text your tag name <space> their name to 0323-8988259 to join your tag. 

  • Add your tag name to your website, facebook page, tweets, print and TV ads.

  • Let the members of your community know about it through newsletters & other existing channels.

  • Put simple table stands at your restaurant, or a small banner at your the entrance. Put up a notice on the notice board at your office or just let them know yourself!
Start Texting
  • All accounts include ample SMS credits, so send alerts to your customers as often as you can!

  • Send coupons to get more customers, run a sale or a campaign for customer loyalty! Notify your employees of an event or alert! The possibilities for usage are endless!
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